Kronos 1U 8SSD




A Compact Flash Storage Platform

The 2CRSI Kronos 8SSD is the best solution for your differents applications requiring a high performance level. It offers density and performance without compromise. By combining extreme IOPS, responsiveness from 8x Intel© SOLID STATE DRIVE S3520 series, and reliability of the hardware, Kronos 8SSD system is ideal for your enterprise

The system is housing an E5-2600 v4 family processor, 2 redundant power supply and 2 ports 1Gb/s or 2x 10Gb/s (option), in only 1U for factor, wich allow you to execute the most complex wrokloads. Intel® SSD DC S3520 Series feature power loss protection, end-to-end data protection (AES 256b encryption) with consistently amazing performance. They can be used for many applications such as SQL Database, workstation, virtualization workloads etc. Intel®DC S3520 Series provide the highest requirement for the data centers; the ability to run 24/7, manage complex applications, and deliver accurate data reliably, data center SSDs provide significant performance benefits over consumer SSDs.

2CRSI offers tailor-made servers and storage solutions for many types of industries. Our experience & skills in highperformance solutions are the best way to enhance your business with significant cost-effectiveness.

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